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                                  Disconnect Breaker

                                  GW4 disconnecting switch

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                                  GW4-12/40.5 outdoor high voltage disconnect switch is used to open and close high voltage circuit in rated voltage 12/40.5kV, AC 50/60Hz system, the anti-pollution type is especial suitable for serious pollution area.
                                  Ambient conditions
                                  1. Altitude:≤3000m;
                                  2. Ambient temperature:-25~+40℃ ;
                                  3. Wind speed:≤35m/s;
                                  4. Earthquake intensity:≤8 grade;
                                  5. Ice thickness:≤10mm;
                                  6. Anti-pollution type is special suitable for serious pollution area;
                                  7.Applicable occasions should free from inflammable, explosives and severe vibration.

                                  Disconnect switch is contain of frame, post insulator, conductive part, with earth and operating mechanism etc, earth blade is mounted with rotating shaft, static contactor is mounted on the bar, there is a mechanism linkage to ensure operating ordinally, one set Cs14 handle operating mechanical for no earth switch, two sets for singte earth switch, three sets for double earth switch.
                                  Outline and installation dimension

                                  polymer type

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