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                                  GW7-252 Outdoor HV Disconnect Switch

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                                  GW7-252 outdoor AC high voltage disconnect switch is used to open and close high voltage circuit in rated voltage 252kV, 50/60Hz power system. It can be used with motor operating mechanism and manual operating mechanism. It accords with the standards of IEC 62271-102 and GB1985-2004: AC high voltage disconect switch and earthing switch.
                                  Ambient condition
                                  1. Altitude: 2000m;
                                  2. Ambient temperature: -40 ~+40 ;
                                  3. Wind speed: 34m/s;
                                  4. Earthquake intensity: 8degree;
                                  5. Ice coverage thickness: 10mm;
                                  6. Pollution degree: I, II, III, IV;
                                  7. Applicable occasions should be free from inflammables and frequent severe vibration.
                                  Product feature
                                  GW7-252 disconnect switch is a three pole structure, contain frame, post insulator and conduct parts, three pos t insulato r for each pole, revolving post on the centre axis frame, conduct knife fixed on the centre revolvi ng post in sulator, when operating mechanism working, it can drive revolving insulator revolving 71 to finish opening and closing operating. There is an interlock between disconnect switch and earth switch.
                                  Operating mechanism
                                  GW7-252 disconnect switch is made of frame, post insulator and electric parts, each pole have three insulation post, revolving pole inst alled on the cente r revolvi ng axis base. Electric balde fixed on the center revolving post insulator. Operating mechanism driving post insualtor revolving 71 to finish closing. There is mechanism interlock during disconnect switch with earth switch
                                  Operating principle
                                  1. Advanced driving strcuture
                                  1.1 Driving part adopt composite axis cover of self-lubricate, no need to add lubricating oil. Axis pin and axis is made of stainless steel or alum bronze and have features of high precision and antirust.
                                  1.2 Framework seal structur e for axis base, it's sealed both for upper and u nderside, molybdenum for lubricant grease, no volatilization, and non-maintenance.
                                  1.3 O/C position-limited reliable.
                                  1.4 It adopt adjustable hoop connection for mechanism output axis with switch driving axis, no need jointing and easy con nection.
                                  1.5 It revolving 71 horizontal, then overturn 45 to make sure contact finger with contactor reliab le, this c an make o perating slightly and strcuture reasonable.
                                  2. Well anti-rust performance
                                  2.1 Different parts have different anti-rust method, hot-galvanized, hot extrusive zinc or painting.
                                  2.2 Standard equipment is made of stainless steel o r hot-galvanized, stainless steel for below M10 fixing equipment,hot-galvanized for other parts.
                                  3. Credible main electric system
                                  3.1 Contact finger silver-coating thickness 30um, hardness 120 Vickers.
                                  3.2 Electric loop almost adopt fixing connection and can improve electric stability and reliability.
                                  3.3 Outer-press type contactor, the material is copper, outer-press spring structure, insulation equipment between contact finger and spring can avoid spring diffluence and avoid overheat for contact.

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